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Our Enhanced DBS Certificated and personal attention to detail ensure that you can rely of us to not only provide the best service for your establishment, be it a car showroom, a school, college or university. 

Balloons for Business

 Celebrating Business Events Across West Yorkshire

"We Love Balloons" Based in Halifax and Bradford, a true Yorkshire Company.

We're an independent retailer. We stock thousands of Greeting Cards, Gifts, Helium Balloons, Air Filled Balloons, Balloon Displays for Parties and Celebrations as well as provide Commercial Balloon Installations for Businesses

We have all the insurances required, health and safety documents and only use professional equipment. 

The University of Bradford Triple Backboard and Balloon Towers
The University of Bradford Triple Backboard and Balloon Towers

University of Bradford

We're always so incredibly proud to work with the University. They really make events very special for Students and Staff. This install was for special achievements and longevity of service. With multiple balloons towers and one of our huge Triple Backboard Systems

We Love Balloons

'Balloons for all Your Business Occasions'

Milestone Birthday Celebration Balloons, Balloon Displays, Car Sales Showrooms, Colleges, Universities, Corporate Events and Supplying to Event Specialists

Balloon Delivery, Balloon Installations and Organic Balloon Displays

Balloon arches and car balloon displays for

Stoneacre - Ford - Halifax

Working with Stoneacre is a delight, they really make car sales events and real event with multiple themes and events per year. 

The site in Halifax is great for balloon displays, plenty of height and loads of natural light. The silver balloons in the photo really shine in the light and the event created better sales for the Ford team. 

The balloon installation took a few hours and lasted the entire weekend. 

We really enjoy working with Stoneacre and they've always really good deals available. 

Worth hitting them up at

Black and Gold Car Sales Showroom Balloons for Bristol Street Motors

Bristol Street Motors - Skipton

Bristol Street Motors hosts some amazing events, they've been crowned king of events multiple times. 

With exceptional customer service, events always happen without issues. Loads of space, genuine offers and room enough for multiple balloon towers (We keep 50 in stock), several indoor balloon arches(We have 8 of these at any given time) and lots of notice from them for us to prepare means we can work onsite safely to be ready in good time for events to start

Christmas Balloons For Business

Christmas and Celebration Balloons

From Simple Table balloons to table orbz, balloon garlands, organic balloon displays and terribly fantastic centre pieces, We Love Balloons covers every single occasion and adds a little bit of sparkle to your event without costing the earth

Balloon Arch in Bright Colours at The Piece Hall Halifax to celebrate Pride

Pride at the Piece Hall to Celebrate Pride 2022

What an incredible opportunity we have had to supply the World Famous Piece Hall in Halifax with Balloon Arches to help them celebrate Pride in 2022. These arches were in place for several days and looked incredible throughout this amazing colourful event of inclusivity  

Car Sales Showroom Balloons for Sales Events

Car Sales Showrooms are our Love. We Work With:

Sytner Group

Bristol Street Motors

DM Keith

Lookers Plc

BMW / Mini

Audi / VW / Vauxhall


Outdoor Colourful Balloon Arch for Schools

St Marys School - York

Word of mouth is alway fantastic and us being chosen to deliver a balloon arch in York was brilliant

Corporate Personalised Balloons

Corporate Personalised Balloons

Always a massive hit. Why not have corporate personalised balloons at your work function, business event or in this case, suppliers fayre. 

Balloons are always in corporate branded colours, delivered and set up ready for your event

Huge Balloon Triple Backboard

Bradford Business School Of the Year 2021

The honour of supplying Balloon Decoration for the Bradford Business School of the year was a massive honour. This balloon system is massive and was ideal for their photo opportunities 

Huge BalloonStars for Academic acheivers

Colleges, Schools, Universities - Across Yorkshire

We are blessed to work with some of the best Universities, Colleges and school academies including

The University of Bradford - Registration weeks, Graduations, Balls and very special events

Bradford College - Registration weeks, summer and winter events, graduations and amazing summer events

Dixons Academy - All events 

For these and all events, these customers can choose either bespoke set ups or use our professionally designed hardware including:

10 - Balloon Arches

3 - Star Arches

2 - Triple balloon backboards

50 - Balloon Towers

3 - Circular Backboards

Balloons for Retail Businesses

Retail Balloons - UK Wide

With an enviable amount of experience, full insurances and working together with some of the UK's well known retailers, we can fill your spaces with balloons both indoors and out. Events are spectacular and always call for balloons to give you the edge over your competition

Retail Customers Include:

Matalan - UK Wide

Living Islam - Bradford

Superrug - Bradford

Savers - Bradford

Plus Coutless others...