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How Long Do Balloons Last?

Great Question. Latex Balloons filled with Helium tend to look their best for around 12 hours. After that you may notice they become a little smaller. They should still float after 24 hours but will look terrible. Foil Balloons should look great for around a week, maybe longer

How Do I Make My Balloons Last Longer?

For long events we use a product called Hi-Float. Hi float coats the inside of the balloon to slow down the process of helium escaping through the pores of the balloon. We've had cases where a correctly HiFloated balloon can last around two weeks.

Do You Deliver And Set Up.

Yes, for orders over £50.00 we deliver and set up locally free of charge, in areas outside the immediate locality, we do have a small delivery charge. Sundays also carry a charge. We always set up commercial balloons for you and we also have packages where we can upkeep them on a daily basis.

Are Self Fill Helium Tanks Any Good?

Well, we figure that occasions are special. Balloons cost money so you might as well have them done for you.. Saying that, if you are interested in using a small tank they do have some use, just make certain you read the instructions and you'll need to blow balloons up straight before the event. We do not recommend them as the helium quality is very poor, they advise to fill 9 inch balloons and these would typically float for 4-6 hours max. The balloons we use are filled to a standard 11 inches and will typically last around 18 hours.

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